All of the images have been indexed in at least one of the search categories above - mode, setting, site type (interior, exterior or subterranean), as well as by the date of my encounter with the site, setting or mode in question. Each photograph has also been tagged with relevant keywords in an attempt to capture other information, such as subject matter, genre, thematic, author, style, artist and so on. It is possible to conduct multiple keyword searches in the open search engine. By typing in 'tag' 'piece' (for example) in the open search engine, all images which match 'tag' AND/OR 'piece' will appear on a results page for that search. Keywords are also searchable via the open search engine feature.

From the results page it is also possible to further refine your search in a number of ways: by the most viewed, date of the encounter, or by ‘favourites’. A three star rating (***) has been given to key composures that have been cross-referenced or analysed in the thesis. 




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