The PhD thesis is titled Graffiti Achaeography: The poetics of engagement in Sydney’s inner suburbs

This dissertation intervenes in the material traces of illicit graffiti writing and urban art production in Sydney's inner suburbs to reveal how graffiti reshapes and transforms place. This research has four aims. Firstly, to map the unfolding and unfinished meshwork of graffiti traces in three territories of production – the exterior, interior and subterranean habituses. Secondly, to photograph graffiti's displays in situ to provide formal texts for analysis and archivisation. Thirdly, to analyse the tensions and dialogues embedded in graffiti's multimodal formations to understand how place is constructed through the graffiti in the three territories. Fourthly, to design a dynamic and agile virtual interface to reimagine graffiti's place as digital heritage. As a practice-based research project, it comprises a thesis and a digital image archive titled Sydney Graffiti Archive.

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